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Closeouts. Back. X. Home > Glock Holster.So if you need a Glock pistol holster please check out the below selection. If you are looking for a tactical holster for your Glock Pistol please visit our Blackhawk Tactical Holster section. Glock 42 Multi Holsters Elite IWB Holster. This holster is constructed of multi-layer. FOMI clip securely attaches holster to your belt, Reverse tab allows easy removal that fits up to 1.5 belts.This holster is not designed for outside pants (OWB) or small of back (SOB) carry. This ultra-soft material lines the back of the Glock 36 holster and will form to your waistline, providing you with an all-day, everyday comfort. The holsters winged design will also help to disperse the weight of your Glock 36 across the entire concealed carry holster base. DeSantis Small of Back - Style 067. The S.O.B holster secures your pistol in one of the least obtrusive and most discrete areas for concealed carry.DeSantis Small of Back Holster - Right, Black 067BAB2Z0 - Fits Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 36. IWB Holster for Glock with Light: Fobus Tactical GLT19.

This holster is similar to many of the holsters out there, but with one major difference.Small of Back Holsters for MP Shield (SOB). The smallest option is the initial G17 MBS frame, without back straps, reducing the triggerMedium Back Strap (2 mm). M Length (overall). 204 8.03 187 7.36. Trigger distance.

GLOCK Tactical Belt Hanger. Combines the features of the GLOCK Safety Holster with ergonomic low positioning. A minimalistic Glock G43 IWB Holster without the drawbacks! Concealed Carry has never been easier! From the ground up, the Glock G43 Profile holster was designed to be an ultra concealable, minimalistic, appendix carry holster without the drawbacks. Roto Paddle Right Hand. Fits: Glock 36.Unique Fobus Roto-Holster rotates 360 degrees and adjusts easily for cross-draw, bodyguard/driver/ small-of-the-back, and strong-side carries. SOB- Glock 26/27 Black Leather Black Kydex LEFT draw - 27.30 USD SOB- Glock 36 w/CT laser LG436 Black Leather Black Kydex Right drawIn The Waistband SOB Hybrid Holster. This holster is made with a more straight up and down presentation to aid in drawing from a small of back position. Small Of Back Holster. Leather Designed to be worn at the. center of the back Open-top design with a. stitched sight rail Tension screw Fits belts up to 1-3/4 wide. Small Of Back Holster 1911 Govt 1911 Officer Springfield EMP Glock 17, 22, 31 Glock 19, 23, 32, 36 Glock 20, 21, 37 Glock 26 - 1 3/4" belt - Unique Roto-Holster system rotates 360 employing a forward or rearward cant. - Easily adjusts for cross draw, bodyguard, driver, small of the back or- Patented locking adjustment system allows for forty (40) possible positions - Interchangeable paddle or belt slide available. Fits: Glock 36. There are four positions in which you can carry an IWB holster for a Glock 26, or any other pistol traditional strong side, appendix carry, small of back carry, and cross draw.Glock 19 23 32 36 Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Leather Gun Holster New Black. Apart from that, this type of holster can be utilized for any carry position such as the 3 oclock carry, appendix, cross draw or small of back carry depending on yourThis versatile holster is able to accommodate various types of Glock pistols, which are Glock 19, Glock 23 and Glock 36 pistols. KIROs two slot hand-made holsters are made to provide a perfect fit to your weapon of choice. The holsters design allows a well secured and comfortable everyday carry.Glock 19/23/32. KIRO provides lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Reviews. Glock 36.Fobus IWBL, IWBM IWBS are the next generation of inside the waistband holsters, featuring a polymer injected flexible holster backing and shell, that come in large, medium small sizes, each able to accommodate multiple, similar-sized pistols, making them as economic as they are 69.95 USD. SOB Holster. Used Specifically in the Center of the Back. Knuckles Against The Back/Palm Out Draw. Custom made, leather / molded Kydex holster. Each holster is carefully crafted to fit the gun specifications. Galco Small Of Back Holster Right Hand Glock 19 23 32 36Small of Back Holster for Glock 26/27 by LeatherEndeavorBflo. 488 x 506 jpeg 46kB. The back of this holster has a nice finish, and it is smooth and comfortable. The holster comes with not that much retention.The Glock 36 is the slimmer compact version of the Glock 37. This gun is small! We offer Leather and Nylon Glock 36 holsters. You can choose between IWB, OWB, Ankle, Cross Draw, Drop Leg, Duty, Light Laser, Magazine Ammo, Molle, Paddle, Shoulder and Small of Back holster designs for Glock 36. The smallest back strap is integrated in the G17 MBS reducing the trigger distance of the standard size G17/G22 frame by 2 mm.Differently dimensioned short and tandem carry plates can be attached to any service belt for optimum carry comfort of the GLOCK Safety Holster. FoxX Holsters Leather. Small of Back SOB Holster For Glock 19 23 32 25 38 - Watch Video Demo!Small of Back. Masters Holsters SOB Holster Right Hand Black GLOCK 19 23 5019BLK: 53.96. For more Holsters please visit our Holsters store section. Similar Products to DeSantis Left Hand - Tan - Small of Back Holster 067TBB2Z0 - Fits Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 36. SOB (Small of Back) When I first started carrying a Glock 19, this was the rig I preferred. I was heavily influenced by a local firearms instructor who carried his in the same manner.

The holster is good quality and it will stand up to a lot of abuse. Back Holster Glock 19. Source Abuse Report.Source Abuse Report. Sob Small of The Back Holsters. DeSantis Small of Back Holster - Right, Black - For Glock 26, 27, 33.Ultimate Arms Gear GLOCK 26 27 28 33 36 39 SUBCOMPACT Holster Multi-Fit OWB Belt Right Hand, Black. The triumphant advance of the smallest GLOCK pistol, specially devel-oped for concealed carry andIndicator in the back of the grip indicates that the. pistol is locked. 03 Turn counter-clockwise to unlock.Suitable for GLOCK holster program. Available for all pistols (except GLOCK 36). Good condition Safarliand right hand holster for Glock model 19 23 32 handguns with M3 or Streamlight TLR1 light system.Safariland 7379 Concealment Holster RH Glock 19,23 Black 7379-283-411. 36.69. Купить сейчас. Home » Products » Holsters » Concealment » Sob Small Of Back Belt Holster .Defender Colt Delta Elite Colt Gold Cup Colt Government Colt Officer Glock 17 Glock 19 Glock 20 Glock 21 Glock 21SF Glock 22 Glock 23 Glock 26 Glock 27 Glock 29 Glock 30 Glock 31 Glock 32 Glock 33 Glock 36 H Gun: Glock 36. Hand: Right.People also purchased. DESANTIS Super Fly Pocket Holster, Ruger Sp101 (2.25 Bbl). 85 models Galco Inside The Pant Waistband Holster 36.00 28.80Save 28 Best Rated.Made for Glock 17 handguns, the Galco SOB Small of Back Glock 17 Holster is a left handed holster with a black finish. WTS/WTT Desantis Small of Back holster for Glock 36. --- -SOLD. Model 067. In like new shape. Wore it one time. Make me a trade offer or 70/shipped with free Fobus ankle holster for Glock 36 like new thrown in. The small of the back holsters should be comfortable of course, and easy to carry throughout the day. The holster should be made from a quality material, and designed to withstandConcealed In the Pants/waistband Holster Fits Glock 17,19,20,21,22,23,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33, 36,38,39,40,41,42. Glock 19 SOB Small Of the Back Holster, MyHolsterK467 Small of Back Leather Holster RH Fits GLOCK 17 Handmade!2-WAY MIDDLE SMALL OF BACK (SOB) OWB BELT SLIDE HOLSTER A look at the Glock Sport Combat Holster and how it fits the 36. The smaller holster (the one for 9mm, 40, and 357 is the holsterTf2 Free Item Servers. Gragas Jungle. Hartke Kick Back 15. Home Alone Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Glock 36 IWB holster. This holster is designed for deep concealment with the additional relief cut to help with drawing the pistol. A 10 degree cant allows for this holster to be carried at Appendix Carry or on the hip. If you need Small of The Back Carry contact us to discuss your needs. Specifications and Features: DeSantis 067BAB2Z0 Small of the Back Holster Made for "Butt" up carry Adjustable tension device Top Grade Leather For belts up to 1.5" Outside the Waistband Unlined leather Right Hand Color Black. Fits: GLOCK 17/19/22/23/31/32/36 SW 99/990L 3 1/2" The Glock 36 works well with each of these very different carry methods. With all three holsters, comfort level is2.) Point pistol in a safe direction and dry-fire. 3.) Pull slide back approximately .25 inches or until the slide catch groove lines up with the rear witness line of the slide lock lever. For extended comfort, the Galco SOB (small of back) holster is the superior choice. Meticulously crafted of the finest materials, this improved Galco SOB holster design features tension screw adjustment, stitched sight rails, open muzzle and combat grip. How NOT to carry Small of the Back with White Hat Holsters - Duration: 7:07. WhiteHatHolsters 36,274 views.Glock 26 carry systems: Glock Sport/Combat Holster Review - Duration: 6:12. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits Glock 17/22/31 - US Made - Inside Waistband Holster - Adj.Gould Goodrich 806-G17 Gold Line Small Of Back Holster (Chestnut Brown) Fits GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 36. Unique Fobus Roto-Holster rotates 360 degrees and adjusts easily for cross-draw, bodyguard/driver/ small-of-the-back, and strong-side carries.Roto PaddleRight HandFits: Glock 36 NOTE: This holster is designed to fit the handguns stated in the listing ONLY. Small of back holsters. Item 200 - ruger LC9 with ct laser formed leather s.o.b belt holster, slim design.Item 205 - glock 42, formed leather,sob, OWB belt holster, right hand, ultra slim design. Small of Back. By Holster Brand. Blackhawk!4.1 Glock GT03374 Disassembly Takedown Tool Punch. 4.2 Pearce Grip Extensions. Choosing a Holster for Glock 36. Description: Fobus Roto-Holster rotates 360 degrees and adjusts easily for cross-draw, bodyguard/driver, small-of-the-back, anddesign makes it interchangable Unique Roto-Holster(TM) system rotates 360 degrees Fobus Roto Left Hand HOLSTER Glock 36 Left Hand Roto-Belt. Our Concealment IWB (inside the waistband) Holster for the Glock 36 with a 3.78" barrel attaches to your pants using a reversible metal clip. This allows for placement either in the small of your back, or to your side. While they are both small single stack pistols the differences in caliber does mean the magazines are different sizes, so a 42 magazine wont fit in a Glock 43 mag holster, and vice versa. Glock also has the Glock 36, a single stack 45 ACP pistol with a wide single stack magazine Glock Rear Slide Cover Plates. Glock Pin Kits. Mounted Tactical Pistol Lights. Close. Holsters.Reviews. Description. For extended comfort, especially for gun carriers who spend the day on their feet, the S.O.B. ( Small Of Back) holster is a superior choice. Concealed Gun Holster for Women for Glock 17 19 22.Second it fits my Glock 19 Gen 4 perfectly. I wear it in the small of my back and in jeans you cannot tell its there. Read more. Home Tactical Accessories Holsters CQC SERPA Holster for Glock 19/23/32/ 36.Back to product listing. 100 American made. Custom Kydex holster, from full tactical applications to every day carry solutions.Heres another example of the bare-bones holster for a Glock 36 this one is made for the small of your back Concealed carry.



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