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I would like to give the font a color. I can make that work if I set the class class"reservation fontcolor" onAnswer 1. you can add class reservationfontcolor to your table and then add this on your cssfloat div left or adjust the div position after removing the div [on hold]. CSS Styling.Here is an example of an external stylesheet div class tag that controls the font. div.content font-size:12pt font-family:times new roman font-weight:bold font-style:italic color:23238e Set background color through CSS for text only with line breaks.I am trying to achieve the following:

.custom font-family: Courier color: red font -size:20px Whenever a input value field is changed, i would like to set the css font color of a textarea to the value. its not working, so please let me know what is wrong. currently i have it set to
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