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html5.Your HTML select tag needs to show a blank value by default but for some reason, but you dont want the allow the user to select a blank value upon opening the dropdown. In the above code snippet we used the dropdown default value : Selecting default value in html dropdown list I have this drop down which selects the default value: Which works fine and selects the default as the default value. Styling an HTML select dropdown was always pretty frustrating because the annoying drop down arrow always stays the same.To get started, we just need a default HTML drop-down markup. form select.notchosen color: 808080 Next we use JS to traverse through all the dropdowns on the page and give them this notchosen class if it has the default value chosen or if the user chooses the default value manually. This is my HTML code to fill a dropdown list using golang.This is the JavaScript code . Note, that here vm.FitToWorkName contains value to be filled in the drop down list. I tried to set the default fill for the dropdown list but it is not working. This is HTML 5 attribute. multiple: To allows users selecting multiple values, use the multiple attribute (see example below). disabled: To disable a dropdown.The HTML select default value is the first option as web page loads. raw download clone embed report print HTML 5 0.55 KB.

. All you have to do is add the class "styled-dropdown" to the tag. To set the default and disabled item just add the "selected" and "disabled" attributes to the respective tag.

Select dropdown item and update value in hidden input (document).on(click, .styled- dropdown-compiled a, function(e) When you type on these textboxes you will be prompted with value options just like in dropdowns. The good part of using this method is you need not to using any jQuery for this. The bad part is this will only work in modern browsers which support HTML5. September 9, 2013 at 8:22 am Drop Down List Default Values 28567. essexsteph.If I select the empty then when I click in the cell again the prompt is shown rather than empty being selected from the dropdown list.

The value attribute assigns a unique value for each



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