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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters.New epic town hall 9 farming base | road to max TH9 Th9 | Best Clan War Base. Source Abuse Report. War Base Clash of Clans. In this video, presenting a TH 9 (Town Hall 9) WAR BASE with Central CC and Central TH. This base is defensive against both air and ground troops.Defense-less base in clan war but, players cannot get 3 stars Best TH9 War Base Layouts for Anti 3-Star Defenses.Over the course of 1 war, you will go from the bottom of the pack to the best attacker in your clan. Your own clan mates will not recognize you anymore. Clash of Clans:TH9 Clan Wars base build! Добавлено: 3 год.ClashFeed - Clash of Clans | Base Designs 2 год. Clash of clans - Town hall 9 ( TH9) Best war b Clash of Clans - NEW Update TH9 Clan Wars BASE!! CoC Best Town hall 9 Anti-Three Star/Trophy Base! If you enjoyed the video please drop a like (it only takes 1.7 seconds) and leave a comment with some feedback! New Best Th9 War Base | Defense againsthow can you say they are shittiest attackers?.its youtube general a lv 14-15 clan farmore heated war claneven an attack can cost them the match in such hard matchmaking this base has worked out for me im also in alv 14 clan just judging the Base Creating. TH9 War Models - Previous Model and Current Model.Not a TH9 Base, but its the most well known TH8 base that illustrates the points I try to claim. Revolves around the Town Hall > defense coverage > Clan Castle > Traps. Players will always find the best Clan War base. Each of them looking for an ideal base that is hard to 3 stars during war battle phase. Today We feature the best Town hall 9 Clan War base in 2015. BEST WAR TH9. author: filip0650. base type: Clan War.Tip: If you find a UI button in the way you can always drag the outer border of the grid to move your bases position.

To close this menu, simply click it. Best TH9 War Bases TH9 TH9 war base. Published by Clash Today. Clash of Clans news, guides, tips, strategies and gossip.One thought on Best TH9 war bases. Add Comment. Поиск видео на portall. - video TH 9 clan war base layout walls. The layout without any buildings, only the walls.A Beginners Guide To Services. February 8, 2018. The Best Advice About Lawns Ive Ever Written. Clash of Clans:TH9 Clan Wars base build!Clash of Clans - Town Hall 9 (TH9) BEST WAR BASE / Anti GOWIPE Replays - Duration: 6:12. ClashFeed - Clash of Clans | Base Designs 128,133 views. The best TH9 war base is here with the best strategy, defeating even the most powerful enemy. The base combines the strengths difficult to lure clan troops and smart locations of Double Giant Bombs. Clash of Clans: Best TH9 War Base Design (4 Mortars).Clash of Clans HOT STRATEGY: VALKYRIE ATTACK TH9 3 STARS TH9 CLAN WAR BASE! Defense Winning Town Hall 9 Trophy/Clan Wars Base! Best Th9 War Base 2017 With Bomb Tower Anti Everything Anti Valkyrie Anti 2 Star Anti 3 Star Anti Bowler Anti Hog Anti Gowipe Clash Of Clans Coc Best War Base th9 (town hall 9). Some Best TH9 war bases 2017! These top 3 bases have replays and yes they are solid! 2nd Base: 2:08 3rd Base: 4:34 The WATCH NOW.New Clash of Clans TH 9 Best War Base 2016 December [Anti 3 star]. Best Anti 3 Star TH9 War Base Layout: The second TH9 War Base Design is without a dead zone, but it draws in attackers with the almost exposed (semi-exposed) Town Hall. Getting 1 Star is fairly easy, but 1 Star is not winning Clan Wars. This strongest TH9 war base powerful enough to use when going on Clash of Clans War.Even so, we can still optimize base war in several ways to make it the best design. One example is using the Friendly War COC feature. 15 best th9 defensive base designs, town hall th9 war base layouts. Anti 2 starts defensive base for war and clash of clans lovers.I have picked 15 top th9 war base anti 3 stars designs that can really help you in your clan wars. BEST TH9 ATTACK STRATEGY 2017 - 3 Star Any Base in Clan War - Clash of Clans PART 6 Attacks in minutes : 0:25 GoWiVa 2:45 QuadLavaloon 4:31 GoHo 6:21 QuadLavaloon 8:20 QuadLavaloon Thank you very much for all the love and Support!!! This is one of the Best TH9 War Base Designs I have seen in Clash of Clans. It has been tested in many Clan Wars with consistent defends against TH 9s and TH10s. Anti-Gowipe and Anti-Gowiwi at the best of times. Also can be used as an effective Trophy Base. Clash of Clans:TH9 Clan Wars base build! Добавлено: 4 год.Andalucia Green - Clash of Clans More 3 год. Clash of Clans - Town Hall 9 ( Th9) Best War B Top 1000 Town hall 9 War Bases. Launch an attack in the simulator or modify with the base builder.Base Builder Forum. Guides Top Tips. Clans. coc th9 war base anti 2 star with bomb tower. what did I say before? The more the wall intersections, the better.I used base for a couple of wars, either I got 3 by a th10(cause Im our clans top th9) or I got 3 by good th9 attackers. 10 best th9 farming base and war base layouts 2017. Top 10 best th9 defense base 2018 new update bomb.Best strategies for clash of clans town hall level 9. New th9 war base amp farming base layouts 2017. This new th9 clan war base has been updated past the clash of clans X-mas update and is safe to use!Clash of Clans - TH9 Best New Farming Base with Unlureable Clan Castle l Winter Edition. These bases must preform in a TH9 and TH10 clan war if you want any hope of winning the war. I already did the top base designs atThe best ways to do this are spread out defenses, perfectly placed bombs, and a hard to lure clan castle. finally compilation of the best th9 war bases is here,good job man but if i start getting 3 starred,i know who to point the finger at .tsunami and baconmaker are too goodHogs never raided my baseyet I only used the Kamikaze base for Clan Warfor Farming, Im using a totally different base. Clash of Clans BEST TH10 War Base That Even POWERBANG Couldnt 3.Clash Of Clans - Best TH10 WAR Base/Town Hall 10 Anti Everything/Anti 2 Star 2017. A good hog rider player can still three stars you if yours is not anti-Hog base. But not so important for TH9 and TH10. My TH9 war base retains what is from TH8 which has unlurable clan castle troops design too. Best Th 9 Anti 3 Star War Base with Bomb Tower| 6 attack defence Replay. subscribe Music-NCS-NoCopyrightSounds.New Clash of Clans TH 9 Best War Base 2016 December [Anti 3 star]. Base Highlight Centralized KillZone. Best Th9 War Base. Wall View.This is my website and id like to bring lastest Clash of Clans contents to all Clashers out there. Bases? Home » Download Area » clash-of-clans-new-best-th9-anti-3-star-elite-war- base-anti-valk-14. If you want a strongest coc th9 war base, then you are on the right place. Here we have listed top 10 best th9 war base of clash of clans with pictures. - You would have seen this popular TH 9 War Base in pretty much every Clan War. Here is a 3 Star Guide on how to defeat it every single time as a TH 9.Clash of clans - Best town hall 9(th9) WAR BASE DEFENSE! Most players are now TH9 and TH11. I myself is playing at TH9 and Im performing very well at wars. I have my own secrets to help my clan not lose my stars.I have already spoken about TH6 War Bases where I shared my best War bases to dominate war. Town hall 9 (TH9) clan war/Trophy base. Song: Crimson fly.Welcome to I Jack Sparrow COC channel, a good channel for base designs and strategies!! Best Th9 War Base 2017 Anti 2 Star With Replay Anti Lavaloon Anti Valkyrie Anti 3 Star Anti Gowipe Clash of clans coc best war base th9 town hall 9 Buy Any Games Or Clash Of Clans Gems-https. Best Th9 War Base 2017 With Bomb Tower Anti Everything Anti Valkyrie Anti 2 Star Anti 3 Star Anti Bowler Anti Hog Anti GowipeClash of clans coc Town hall 9 (Th9) Best war base anti 2 star . How does this TH 9 Clan War Base works? Triple Wizard Tower Setup: This Triple Wizard Tower Setup combined with Air Bombs is extremely deadly to Hog or Balloon attacks, after testing numerous Clan Wars. Search This Blog. Best Town Hall (TH) 9 Clan War Bases. Posted by Clash of Clans Wiki on February 03, 2016.Today in this post at cocwiki we are going to discuss about the best clash of clans (coc) town hall 9 clan war bases. we find very hard to design base protecting them from 3 stars from It is expanding the clan family and arranged war tools to better support the gaming community. ClashTrack not only provides a war base caller and statistical site, but provides many resources and tools that cover every other aspect of the game! BEST TH9 ATTACK STRATEGY 2017 - 3 Star Any Base in Clan War - Clash of Clans PART 7 Attacks in minutes : 0:25 Queen Walk WiVaBo 2:54 Queen Walk GoWiWiBo 5:15 GoWiVa 7:41 GoWiVaHo 10:26 QuadLavaloon Thank you very much for all the love and Support!!! Best town hall 9 (TH9) war base defense! Anti hog, anti AIR, anti golem attacks never seen before! Clash of Clans - War Base Town Hall 9 Anti Golems, Hog riders, Lava Hounds, Balloons (Replay). TH9 War Base Designs TH9 Farming Base Designs you can use to prevent losing Stars in Clan War and protect Resources and Dark Elixir.I got many emails/comments recently about featuring some solid TH9 Base Layouts, so I thought you might appreciate a post with some good ones I found. I have been receiving many requests to post the best and the strongest clan war base designs of Town Hall Nine which you can use in clan wars to defend stars. Th9 War Base 2017 Anti 2 Star With Replay Anti Lavaloon Anti Everything-Anti Valkyrie Anti 3 Star best war base th9 town hall 9 Buy Any Games Or Clash Of Clans Related Video.

Epic Th9 (Town Hall 9) War Bas. On this Channel you will find Clash of C. Townhall 9 Trophy Base Design! Clash of Clans Gameplay Commentary! Do. Possibly The Best TH9 War Base.



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