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More readable - JavaScript is JavaScript, PHP is PHP. Without mixing the two, you get more readable code on both languages. Allows for async data transfer - Getting the information from PHP might be time/resources expensive. Since PHP is server-side, I figured the only way to send the js variable is to refresh. However, I dont want to reload the page. How can I send a javascript variable to php on the same page without reloading? variable from this javascript function to my php file faqs.php..getJSON("faqs.php?topicsometopic", function(data) . And then read that GET variable in PHP. Passing a variable dynamically generated by PHP to JavaScript is quite easy.Here youre generating the script via PHP. But, our goal is to carry the value abc to a PHP variable. PHP variable b wont get the value of JavaScript variable a without a page load because JS is client side and how to pass javascript variable to php variable (1). php window location with passed value (1).Get web page title meta tags using PHP. 27 May, 2016. How to pass variables from PHP to JavaScript. Demonstrates strings, booleans, and numbers.To pass scalar data held in a PHP variable (val) to a JavaScript variable, place the following in a JavaScript segment If you want to get data from JavaScript to PHP then you need to make a new HTTP request and run a new (or the same) PHP script.So if you want to send a variable from javascript to php it is same as sending data from client to the server. WASPs approach involves loading the PHP generated page on the client, then using AJAX to make a secondary call via Javascript to request the value as JSON or even XML.

If you send the variables as query strings you should be able to get them in JS. I want to get a variable from the code valueIf you want variable in javascript can be use in PHP. you must post it to server using with XMLHttpRequest in Javascript, ajax in jQuery.

hope this help you. Possible Duplicate: Get variable from PHP to JavaScript Access a JavaScript variable from PHP I currently have this line of code: displaystatus(CALLER IS: inCallingNum) which is being used to d. Store javascript data into PHP SESSION VARIABLE? You can generate the JSON representation of your PHP variable and then print it into your Javascript code when the page loads.In the original answer, I had two methods for getting the query string, but it was too messy and error-prone. Those are now at the bottom of this answer. script>. I want to get the freischalten variable as a PHP variable outside of the JS. Also I want to insert it into a table at this part. Answer is, you can activate javascript and other things, but to parse a JS variable to PHP you have to submit a form or use an Ajax call to another php script and But its very important to get this point: the colors PHP variable is NOT "connected" or in anyway affiliated with the colors JavaScript variable.Thanks for all your useful posts on the PHP to JS subject. : D. I have another small question on the subject. Can PHP variables be passed to externally The selected data get stored in a php variable(selectedList).I am relatively new to PHP and Javascript, the base code that I am using came from something else that I found on the net and I modified for my needs, so I am not 100 sure that it is an array. Recommendhow to get javascript return value to php variable. wers I have created a javascript for check the text boxes are empty. if one of text box is empty the return false. so how can i get that return value to a PHP variable javascript php html share | improve this question edited Dec 25 13 at. Note that the script file has the "php" extension and is therefore served by PHP on the server. It does the job of assigning all necessary variables in the way mentioned above.Echo the data into the page somewhere, and use JavaScript to get the information from the DOM. Html CSS Javascript SQL php Bootstrap how to Jquery W3.CSS Angular XMLPHP XML Parsers PHP SimpleXML Parser PHP SimpleXML - Get PHP XML Expat PHP XML DOM.Rules for PHP variables: A variable starts with the sign, followed by the name of the variable. Anything from the GET array should be escaped, otherwise a user can pretty much insert whatever JS they want into your page.Possible Duplicate: Whats the best way to pass a PHP variable to Javascript? I am using the following code:

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