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The rest, like all my old 80s movies, Ill probably just toss. But before I do, is there any way to recycle these relics of the past?Another option is to send your old VHS tapes to GreenDisk. They have a nifty word for technology thats gone obsolete: technotrash. Do you have old cassette tapes in your basement? This video has three cool projects that you can make from the tapes and their plastic cases. DIY Photo frame Pen holder (Recycle old CD cases, tissue paper rolls). Video tapes. Check with your local recycling centre to find out if they can take your videos.Some commerical organisations will recycle them for you: The ReCycling People will recycle your old video cassettes (although a charge does apply). Video Tours.What do you do with all of your old cassette tapes? Throw them out, recycle them or reuse them? There are multiple ways of doing either though, and most of the time, old cassette tapes just get tossed into the trash bin. i have found some video tapes from my old camera that i believe are 8mm video tapes, but i no longer own what i used to use to record the videos onto video tape so i was wondering if anyone knows of anything i can do to putDoes anyone recycle old video tapes. Have got quite a lot to throw out!? Start here to learn what to do with old VHS tapes and VHS tape recycling- they can be recycled.Thanks! What to do with all those VHS tapes. It can be tricky to find a place that will recycle your video tapes because not many people use them anymore! Trying to recycle VHS tapes can be extremely difficult.Come to think of it, you probably have that Poison cassette and a slew of old VHS tapes somewhere right now, dont you?We do about as good as you can. Still have a stack of old video tapes taking up space in your house?Looking to do some cleaning out, like me? Here are ways you can recycle or reuse your old media with this weeks installment of Where Can I Wednesday! Ever wondered about recycling old video tapes? One of my favourite podcasts, Answer Me This recently answered a question about exactly that. A listener is moving house, and asked the team what to do with their old VHSes. Not many plastic materials more than 20 years old are accepted for recycling. -- Don Phillipson Carlsbad Springs.Im getting rid of a few hundred old 7" reels of recording tape. Anyone have an idea how to do it outside of just throwing them out? But it was an old VHS tape of Space Balls how or why it was there is irrelevant, what I want to know is what can I do with it?While not the most creative use of our old video tapes you will ever see here, I still think it is worth bring just outside the top 5, great recycling and very easy to make ourselves. (Did I mention that we had a lot of video tapes?) A few rarities (old horror movies and the like) went up on eBay or Amazons Marketplace.

The price goes toward a shipping label, and you send them your video tapes (or anything from a whole list of products) for recycling. The majority of the 300 million tons of plastic produced every year isnt recycled, and recycling that does happen typically happens at an industrial scale in factories using equipment that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.Video. So there we have it if its time to recycle all those old embarrassing videos of yourself or the endless episodes of Youve Been Framed you can create some loft space AND do your bit for the environment.Also Im trying to find a business that recycles vinyl lps.Do you know of anyone? If you do try this out hit me up on Twitter with a pic! My Info has changed since this video!If anyone has suggestions leave them below!7. What is the tape for? - The tape holds the saran wrap and Eos together. It just ensures that the mold will be round.

Does anubody know what I can do with my mountain of used mini-DV tapes? I would rather not throw themJust wanted to refresh this thread and see if anyone knows of a place to take tapes to beIf youre looking for a place that will take your video tapes and recycle them into plastic bottles and There are few items more unwanted and unloved at the moment than old video tapes.Does anyone want my VHS collections? Photograph: A. Sun. Popular Posts This Week Recycling for Charity video tapes and boxes How can I reuse or recycle pistachio shells?I think this is up there with printer toner and ink cartridges lots of places including some charities take them to reuse or recycle but does anyone I work for a non profit that has started What can you do with those old VHS tapes? Personally, I unloaded mine at a local bookstore that dealt in VHS tapes. But there are more ubiquitous ways to rid yourself of this outdated technology. Here are some options. Im getting rid of a few hundred old 7" reels of recording tape. Anyone have an idea how to do it outside of just throwing them out?Not many plastic materials more than 20 years old are accepted for recycling. does anyone recyle? I do.does anyone recyle? I do. I think we should try and save this earth, befreo all the waste builds up, and we have toxic air to breathe in, and we all die. lol. kinda weird, but please recycle.Though I am only 12 years old, I have seen what gas pollutions and other Find right answers right now! Where can I recycle old cassette tapes?Specific focus on solar and wind energy? How do solar cooker works? Serious EV question.Regarding ROOFTOP SOLAR SYSTEM, has anyone had experience with SOLARFIVE company? Just dont tell anyone about it. Source: Planter. Do the environment a favor by recycling old VHS tapes into planters instead of letting them end up in a junkyard or land fill. I have hundreds of old VHS tapes in the hope someone will devise a way of recycling them I dont want to consign them to landfill.Either youve all been conferring or theres a natural cut-off point after which householders of Britain will no longer tolerate old video cassettes. I assume that our regular plastic recycling facility does not want them.Theres a ton of stuff out there you cant recycle, like margarine and yogurt containers, and old VHS tapes, too. Turn your old suitcases in the folder. Broken racket for tennis or badminton? It does not matter! From it you can make a mirror. Use the corners for old frames as tiles.Make funny slideshows with Goanimate or Freemake Video Converter. Does anyone have info on retrieving recorded over video on vhs?The guys over at Hacked Gadgets have come up with the ultimate solution to recycle all your old VHS tapes and turn them into this cool VHS USB Drive. [] Looking to recycle video tapes or other forms of older media?ACT is a non-profit organization which specializes in recycling older video tapes. This is one place where you can recycle video tapes knowing that they will help a worthy cause. If you do try this out hit me up on Twitter with a pic! My Info has changed since this video!If anyone has suggestions leave them below!- The tape holds the saran wrap and Eos together. It just ensures that the mold will be round. What To Do With Old Electronic Devices. At the end of its life, you can choose between a number of destinies for your old electronic device.Best Buy does recycling for lots of stuff, I believe. You can get some gift cards for Best Buy, too. Its a great way to recycle those old VHS tapes that you may have stashed away and you dont know what to doi love your bag- saw it on craftster- its such a great recycling idea, and awesome looking. re: trim or not- has anyone suggested doinghow to recycle video tapes « heather|brookes says Its not doing anything but taking up space, but youre either too busy (or lazy), sentimental or just have more important things to deal with.27. Reuse Old Cassette Tape Cases as Gift Card Boxes.Latest Videos. This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 2 messages.) Where can I recycle old video tapes?Charity shops dont really want them any more. Do they have to just go in the landfill? We live in Yorkshire, if that helps.

And they do. File 13 will take your old video tapes and audio cassettes. They charge .25 per pound. The tapes are shredded and the plastic is recycling.The Madison Stuff Exchange is a web site that is open to anyone who lives or works in Dane County. Does anyone know how to dispose of VHS tapes properly? Are they recyclable? thanks!I was at the library the other day and they had a selection of VHS tapes to check out. I noticed a little girl in line was checking some out so I guess people still use VCRs. They accepted the Production Movies those not taped off the t.v. or personal home movies. Based on a suggestion from a friend, we did put a few rarities (old horrorThe price goes toward a shipping label, and you send them your video tapes (or anything from a whole list of products) for recycling. Recycling VHS tapes is tricky. Learn more about how to make your Lifestyle sustainable with Recyclebank.We have old players and TVs and pick up an extra machine or two when seen at thrift stores for later years. Kids love the old movies as do we adults! Recycling old video tapes can be tricky, as the casing and tape are made of very different materials. In addition, not all cities accept e-waste. Use websites such as or 1800 to find local recycling programs. Does the San Francisco site (1541 Sloat Blvd) take the VCR video and also audio tapes for 0.10 each recycling?Really, theres simply GOT TO BE someone in the world (if not the USA) with the brains to figure out how to profitably cash in on a new use for old video tape. Has anyone used GreenDisk to recycle old cassette tapes and VHS tapes?Hi, we have about 20 old videos that we would like to get rid of. They consists of movies and sports. Does anyone know where we could give them away, like a library or a school? Which brings me to my question: Does anyone out there know a place that will recycle cassetteWeve had LOTS of reuse suggestions for both and related items like floppy disc boxes and video tapes.12? 13? I still have tons of old tapes and never really thought about what to do with them. Shares a reader named ty asked what to do with vcr tapes, cassette dvds and cd roms may 20, 2009 i have 83 tapes 20 video for recycling if you are ive got few old cassettes which can free cover the jul 19, 2006 about two three dozen mostly taped from vinyl or cd, id be happy send. This give you a way to get rid of the tapes without having to do any extra work. Send them to GreenDisk to be recycled.Going green easy for anyone living on-campus. How To Recycle Old Textbooks. If you dont want to throw your collection of unwanted videotapes (or audio cassettes) in the bin there are lots of options open to you to recycle your videos and tapes.You could offer them on your local Freecycle, Gumtree or local Facebook selling page and see if anyone wants them. What to do with old VHS tapes.Tape Installation Art Installations Vhs Tapes Recycling Ideas Pattern Art Recycled Art Projects Recycled Furniture Furniture Projects Sculpture. Use this videotape recycling guide to learn why VHS tapes are a challenge, and what you can do to make sure your old favorites (long since replaced by DVDs) dont end up in a landfill. Ive got about 100 old video cassettes. Most were bought as blank tapes and have been recorded over from the TV several times so of no interest to anyone.I dont want them to go into landfill, Does anyone know where they can be recycled? All you have to do is hold your old CD or DVD above candle flame. Watch my video tutorial to understand what I mean exactly.And the candle light will reflect sooo beautiful! So try my way to recycle old CDs and DVDs. Good luck! Does anyone know of a company that does this? My town doesnt accept them for recycling and I have tons that Id like to get rid of.Recycling old video tapes? Kris Gleba. 2009-03-07How to Dispose of Old Cassette Tapes. Hunker.You may have dumped that love, but you cant get rid of the audio or video cassettes that easily.Before recycling them, see if anyone else is interested in the tapes.



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