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Till 2 weeks I bought me one XPC Barebone with intel core 2 duo. Ive tested first to install the Ubuntu 6.10 Desktop distro and IShould I go with the intel/AMD 64 bit version or stick with i386? thanks for any advice. EDIT : belay this request - I found out that the core duo is 32 bit as opposed to the co. Specs are: Intel Core2 Duo E6750, Asus P5K-E Wifi/AP motherboard (using the new Intel P35 chipset), two 320 Gb Seagate BarracudaHere are my experiences installing Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), amd64 Desktop version (yes, amd 64 is the 64-bit version also used for Intel Core2 processors. Samsung R70-T7100 Devin 15,4 Zoll WXGA Notebook (Intel Core 2 Duo T7100, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Nvidia Go8600, DVD- DL RW, Vista Premium) BestLike others said, Id go for 64bit. Been using it for a few years now and everything works, including multimedia. You can easily convert it to a 64 bit os.If any Query comment below. You should Install 64 bit version of Ubuntu for Better Performance Intel Core2 Duo Processor T5870 (2M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) (check this Intel Web). Because u got Instruction Set 64-bit. I was hoping that I would be able to use 64 bit Ubuntu and Centos as virtual machines in Suns free VirtualBox software on my desktop PC that has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor after all it is 64 bit. But Im only running 32 bit Vista. This shouldnt have been a problem with VirtualBox. I just tried installing Ubuntu 8.04 (64 bit) in a Virtual Machine mode on my Vista machine. The install stopped with an error that I had an incompatible platform and that I should match it with the 686 machine that it detected. Windows reveals a 64 bit Intel chipset Intel Core2 Duo Mobile If your current OS is Ubuntu, or another Linux Distro, your can run the following command in the terminal (CtrlAltt) to check compatibiltiy.Intel Core 2 Duo.64 bit. Dual-Core Intel Xeon. because cpu is dual core? because Ubuntu is 64 bit version?It was Intel Core Duo2 ( DDR2), with nice Altec-Lansing speakers, ran at 1.

67GHz, 2GB RAM. What would be the closest available new replacement hp laptop? (or almost as good). I have a machine which has the Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 processor which I know supports VT-X. I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit and have VMware PLayer installed. I have many 64Bit VMs, mainly linux (Suse Fedora) which work perfectly on a Dell Laptop with an i5 processor trying to get 64 bit ubuntu to recognize all 4 gigs of ram (Intel Core2 Duo CPU). location: linuxquestions.com - date: December 25, 2008 Hi Ive tried recompiling the kernel to enable highmem. Goutam Biswas. Compiler Laboratory: 1. 2. Machine.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 64-bit, E655064-bit rags, 64-bit rip (PC), segment registers, control registers, debug registers, etc. 46ident "GCC: ( Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) 4.6.3" .section .note.GNU-stack,"",progbits. 61 Installing Ubuntu 64 Bit On Intel Raid 0 I recently decided to change my desktop environment to run Ubuntu and virtual machines for each of my development projects.My PC configuration is: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo RAM : 3 GB System Type : 64-bit I have I would like to download ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64-bit). The iso file says " ubuntu-12.040desktop-amd64.iso" will it work with Intel Core2 Duo laptop? All Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 support either 32 Bit or 64 bit. Hardware :: 32 Or 64 Bit - Which Architecture To Use With An Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. Ubuntu Installation :: Will 64-bits Work With An Intel Core 2 Quad. Debian Installation :: Designation For Intel Core I5 430M? Have read a few of the other responses to questions on the 64bit Ubuntu for Core 2 Duo Intel processor. I wish perform some math intensive programming, so the internet surfing and Adobe file viewing, if not possible on the 64bit software platform, is not a problem. I like 64 bit for Core 2 Duo.I cant see any difference when it comes to performance as I had tried installing a 64-bit version on my Intel D E2200 2.2Ghz desktop so I installed back its 32- bit counterpart. Recently I ordered Intel Core2Duo E8400 CPU and Intel DG33BU motherboard.The configuration is as following Intel core2 CPU, E8400 3.00GHz, EM64T capable.When trying to install ubuntu 32bit via vsphere client, the vm hung during installation. I have installed Ubuntu 64 Bit on Intel Core 2 Duo machine. Can someone tell me what are the best linking options for Intel MKL library for this machine ? It seems that MKL has many linking options and only the experts can tell the right combinations Latest Ubuntu 64bit. Dell m4300 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz. Nvidia Quadro FX360M.Ubuntu 12.10 64bit. Intel Core i5. ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 (Gallium drivers). Sergej Reich. Arch Linux 64bit. Intel Core2 Quad 2.83GHz. What have people found works better with K/Ubuntu, the Intel Core Duo (32 bit) or the Mobile AMD 64 x2 (64 bit). What are peoples thoughts on buying a 32 bit now, when it appears the 64 bit conversion is starting? Even with 64bit Ubuntu, my system still can only access 3.2GB of RAM.32 core (each physical core) 2.2 GhZ or 12 core (6 physical cores) 3.0GHZ? 1. Does installing more CPUs ( Intel) than indicated by Max CPU Configuration prevent all cores from being used? Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo RAM : 3 GB System Type : 64-bit. I have currently installed windows 7 on my machine. Now I want to install Ubuntu 64 bit as well so that I can dual boot. Will 64 bit amd ubuntu work with intel processors location. Satellite A305 System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 2. Intel F and 5x1 series Pentium 4 using the Prescott core Pentium D Core 2 (Solo, Duo Quad) Core. . to Intel Core i3 CPU is not 64 bit i heard about 64bit computers show more I am running x86 ubuntu and windows 7 on 64 bit core 2 duo 1.86 processor with 1 GB RAM.Is it ideal for running 32 bit games and applications.Or i amUpgrading RAM in Acer Aspire 7720G Notebook and is the Intel Core 2 Duo a 64bit processor? Technorati Tags: ubuntu, core 2 duo, feisty fawn, edgy eft, powerpc. Update: I have concluded that the 64-bit Feisty Fawn is good for a Core 2 Duo.will amd 64 (ubuntu 8.04.1) work on my intel centrino core 2 duo T5750? have tried x86 image files and they are not working. thanks. I have an Intel Core2 Duo CPU (E6750) at 2.66GHz (not the best, I know).My question is this: will my current 32-bit CPU be able to run a Windows 7 64-bit OS without any issues or large resource consumption? Choose this to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM 64T architecture (e.g Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon, Core 2). If you have a non- 64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the Intel x86 images instead. See Installing 64bit ubuntu on Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5870 , possible? for some more information.Solution:4. The laptop upon which I am writing this has an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.00GHz — 2 processor, same as yours, and Ubuntu runs great on it.

Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 800 MHz 1 processor, 2 cores.Floating Point Performance. Linux PC (Intel Core 2 Duo P8700). Go for 64-bit Ubuntu. 32-bit mode is run in emulation on modern 64-bit CPUs and they run slower compared to 64-bit OS.Which will run better on Intel Pentium P6200 (2GB RAM) laptop-windows 8 -32 bit or 64 bit? For intels core2 duo processor which debian I want to install? is it ia 64?The Core2Duo will support either. The ia64 however will probably not work at all, so stay away from that unless you know what youre doing. I read an article where they suggest Duo Cores are 64-Bit processors, but Intel doesnt acknowledge this.If you want to test just to be sure, download the 64bit Ubuntu livecd or something, and boot from that. I would like to download ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64-bit). The iso file says " ubuntu-12.040desktop-amd64.iso" will it work with Intel Core2 Duo laptop? and core 2 duo will support 64 bit OS. if in doubt refer to intels ARK.quilciriMar 11, 2015, 3:02 PM. All intel core 2 parts, Conroe through Yorkfield, support 64-bit operating systems, as do the older Pentium D parts. All Intel Core 2 (including Core 2 Duo, but not Core Duo) and Core i3/i5/i7 are 64-bit.Sorry abrowne, can you confirm whether the AMD64 Ubuntu Mate image is likely to work on my intel core i7 laptop? Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.1-b02, mixed mode).goldmann. Intel Core i5 2.4 Ghz. Just a short question: is Intel Core 2 Duo a 64-bit processor, or a 32- bit one? I know that according to Wikipedia its a 64-bit processor, but I have heard (rumors?) that it only "emulates" 64-bit mode, and in fact it is a 32-bit processor. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300. Able to install Ubuntu Server 6.06 and boot and run Desktop 6.06 using default settings: after installing an add-on graphics card.Story 22. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Gigabyte P965 DS3 Feisty 64-bit (Release) installed. Core2 Duo E8500. Brand: Intel (CPU/Processor).Kernel Linux 3.5.0-36-generic (i686) Compiled 57-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 19 15:11:05 UTCOn-Chip: SMX (Due to VMX being enabled) DTES64 (this and following may require a 64 bit kernel) MONITOR APERFMPERF PDCM XSAV SSE4.1. On the Intel Ark, it says that the E8400 can do 64-Bit instructions, but Im not entirely sure if that corresponds to being able to do 64-Bit Windows 7/8/10CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory. Core 2 Duo E8400 with 64-Bit Windows? Установил lenny на машинку с Core2 Duo, мама Intel DG33FB, установочный образ из http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/daily-builds/daily/arch-latest/amd 64/iso-cd/ Ядро из поставки linux-image-2.6.22-3-amd64 (в описании We decided to compare the performance of the 32-bit, 32-bit PAE, and 64- bit kernels on a modern desktop system and here are the results. For this comparison we used Ubuntu 9.10 on a Lenovo ThinkPad T61 notebook running an Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 processor, 4GB of system memory Hi, I bought a new 64 bit intel i7 processor machine and want to install ubuntu on it. I didnt find a intel specific 64 edition but I googled to find out the amd 64 version works just fine. But I also saw discussions about how it is not recommended to Are Intel Core Duo Processors 64 bit?The Intel Core 2 Duo is a 64-bit processor. It is also backwards-compatible. meaning you can run 16- bit and 32-bit programs on it (as long as your operating system supports it). This article describes the setup of an Intel Core 2 Solo/Duo/Quad processor. The Intel Core 2 line of processors supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit mode. The general pros and cons can be read about in the Wikipedia article. Are Intels Core 2 Duo processors 64bit? I might be getting a new laptop soon and would like to know if the processor would be 64 bit or not. Hi, Im loking for a good Howto about how to Install Feisty or Gutsy on a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad machine.That version was not only for AMD as the name suggests, but for Intel Xeons as well. I did so, because in the time of Debian Sarge, 64 bit was not supported in the stable brance yet. I was reading the Ubuntu Help file and it mentions that the 64-Bit Versions referred to on the FTP servers are in fact Core Duo compatibleMCR wrote: Hi, The standard that AMD introduced for 64bit is supported by the Intel core 2 Duo (note the 2) the Intel Core Duo (its predecessor) is a 32bit CPU. -HDR fixed for Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit version -RAW Impulse Noise Removal stability -Mac/Linux HDR: Improved Auto Brush results -Improvedcomputer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor ( Core Solo and See all the supported 64-bit guest Operating Systems Vista



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