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in one of my previous questions I had trouble with my laptop reading some CDs so I eventually replaced the CD/DVD combo drive with a second-hand one from ebay.0. Disc drive doesnt read DVDs anymore. 0. External CD-ROM/Blu-Ray/DVD reader not working on MacOS Sierra. If your optical drive will read factory DVD discs but will not read home made DVD/- discs, them most likely you have a problem with the optical HP laptop is no longer reading cd/dvds it does not appear in device manager, is there some way i can reinstall the driver? I inserted a CD to install some scanner software and my laptop CD/DVD drive will spin it a few times and does not play it or recognize it.Spinning up and down a few times usually means that the CD/DVD is not readable. Optical Drive not reading discs or ejecting the discs Alienware Laptops Sometimes static electricity can cause optical drives cant read discs or not ejecting.It looks like my laptop does have the DVD Drive, but for some reason I cant seem. I had to right click the CD/DVD drive icon in Windows and Firstly, you must sure that the laptop can identify CD/DVD drive, If yes then contact an expert, that means the CD/DVD device have some problem else check the IDE cable.CD Drive not reading any discs. Can anyone help please? Does a laptop have to have a hard drive to work? Some use a flash drive for memory source, either for durability (no moving parts) or smaller size.The full name of CD-ROM is Compact Disc - Read Only Memory. > VAIO - Software Other Operating Systems.

> CD/DVD Drive Not Reading Any Discs!My laptop is a Sony Vaio, model name VPCF13AFX. All of a sudden, it stopped writing and reading any discs. (All discs -- This includes regular store-bought DVDs and CDs, as well as discs that the computer Since few days I am facing a problem with my laptop i.e. Toshiba Satellite L40 Series. My laptop CD/DVD Drive is not reading some discs, while these discs are reading by another computers.BD Disc Boot From a Disc to Start Diagnostic, Setup, and Other Offline Tools How to fix all CD DVD drive issuesI read many forums, what I got from them was that Nero is the this drive. bought 2 of them and Accessing hard drive using USB enclosure Laptop Repair 101 If for some Im having a problem with my CD/DVD drive not reading some disks.I presume by any discs youre talking about burned and pressed discs. Also I presume youve gone into hardware and deleted the cd/dvd, then refreshed and let it find the drivers. What happened is my CD drive in my laptop stopped reading discs.

Its an older one that was designed to run Windows XP Home. I bought an external drive thinking it was an issue with drive itself. My CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive has been working perfectly until a few weeks ago. Now, it does not read the CD. The CD-ROM is built into the laptop (not an external drive) and Vista provided with theAfter the BIOS update DVD driver not reading not DVD - Sat A80. CD drive not reading some discs. Toshiba Satellite R630 - CD Drive not reading any discs!Disk Drive. Last response: February 11, 2017 1:25 PM in Laptop Tech Support.Well it is going to depend on if it is not reading any disks, or just not reading some disks. If you want to install a computer operating system without a CD ROM drive, you have several options.Youre helping people by reading wikiHow. wikiHows mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you. Hi, The CD/DVD RW drive on my laptop has developed some problems. It will read DVD discs just fine but when I put CDs in there it just spins them for a minute, makes an odd noise and then says that theres nothing on the disc. Any ideas at what this could be? MrBruce, so why will it read some and not others?On my laptop I copied the OEM disc to a CD-R and I was able to load the program using the above drive in question, although autoplay did not work. Hello, Ive been having trouble with my CD/DVD drive on my Toshiba Satellite, it has been reading some dvd discs but not others.Hard drive, 11:12 PM. Microsoft Surface 3 Pro, lockup. Laptop, 10:29 PM. Cant access account. Most desktop and laptop computers these days are equipped with some sort of optical drive, usually a DVD drive because they are no more expensive than CD only drives which have all but disappeared. If youre really lucky you might have a drive capable of reading Blu-ray discs i am using windows 10 now which i upgraded from windows 7. My Cd drive is not reading any disc be it dvd or cd.I plan to try and come up with a fix on my own. Windows changes my drive to an "other device" instead of DVD/RW drive for some reason. HP PCs Drive Cannot Read Discs Windows 10 8 HP Drive Cannot Read Discs (Windows 10, 8) If your CD/DVD drive can read some types of discs butTechnical Preview on a separate disk drive in a dual boot CD DVD drive not reading discs TechSpot Forums I have had this laptop for several solved CD/DVD drive doesnt read some discs.For years it just laid in a corned inside a box, in a good condition. Today I got my IDE-SATA 2 USB2 adapter and connected it to my laptop. My dvd drive reading used disks as blank My dvd drive is unable to read some of the dvds and all cds(so far) nd shows them blank. My laptop is about 2 yrs old. There was no problem reading disks until some days ago. My CD-DVD drive fails in a very strange way. It was working fine for about 2 years but lately it has trouble reading some DVD discs and its getting worse.Location: Round Rock, Texas, United States. Laptop dvd drive not working [Solved] - DVD - Laptop Tech Support Rating:6/10http For some reason my dvd drive is not reading discs. It has been working before, and now it doesnt seem to read any discs i put in the drive.I bough a new laptop 2 weeks ago (Asus with windows 7) and decide it was the time to install Microsoft office today, what a surprise the CD drive cant read If not, try to remove the drive physically from the laptop does not read dvd disks but its able to read some cd disks. what should i do. Are there any discs that it can read? Try looking at this article. 5 tools find cd dvd drive reading writing, some cd dvd writers reading writing capabilities missing puter oem manufacturerCD/ DVD Drive is not reading any discs! - HP Pavillion Hi there, I have a problem.Daftar Harga Laptop Semua Merk Terbaru Maret 2017. yang dimaksud dengan cpu adalah. Numerous customers reported that they see laptop cd drive not reading disc while playing MP4 files on Windows 10 PC. MP4 documents depend on various codes so that you can play effectively on media player. My laptop (Asus M51V running Vista) has recently decided it doesnt want to read discs of any kind: CD, DVD, blank, or games. The drive is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A and nothing I have found whilst searching for a solution has worked: uninstalling driver and rebooting DVDs and CDs are maybe maybe not, some work some dont, and anythingthe drive and rebooting, the drive re-installed automatically but I still cant get it to read the disc.SP2 throttled my internet connection and my laptop froze up again. Selected Answer. It is possible that if your drive is [i]just[/i] a CD drive its not reading the discs because theyre DVDs.laptop not reading dvd drive. CD/DVD-RW optical drive | Laptop Parts 101 Alina, My CD-DVD drive fails in a very strange way. It was working fine for about 2 years but lately it has trouble reading some DVD discs and its getting worse. Laptop Cd Rom Not Reading Discs. FIXING - " CD/DVD driver cant read disks " problem. My disk drive has recently stopped reading cd/dvds.My disk drive wont read dvds, in the past it has been fine with reading dvds but has stopped working all of a sudden. My laptop is able to read cds and can read disks of games. Reply I have this question too (44). Q: CD/DVD Drive Not Reading Discs.Could the problem perhaps be that the Mac is not able to process the information its getting from the discs for some reason? Thanks. Many CD drive manufacturers have their name on the front of the drive many times a speed is also listed (e.g 52X), and in some cases the model of the drive.Computer CD and disc drive buying tips. How To Install a CD Drive On a Laptop - Продолжительность: 1:04 NoClueHowTo 67 934 просмотра.How to repair a CD/DVD drive that wont eject the discs - HD - Продолжительность: 19:04 JIUJITSU2000 187 180 просмотров. Hi all. My laptop (Asus M51V running Vista) has recently decided it doesnt want to read discs of any kind: CD, DVD, blank, or games.Trouble properly reading DVD data disk on new laptop DVD drive. General Hardware. Jan 28, 2013. CD Drive in Laptop not reading but shows up. The drive in my laptop is Optiarc DVD- RW AD-7640a ATA Device Is it some drivers problem or something else?For more information, please refer to: Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Explorer. Can the newly burned discs be read? DVD/CD SATA drive not reading disks in Drivers and Hardware.I am trying to play some bluray discs on Windows 10. It sometimes sees the drive but rarely see the disc in the drive. CD/DVD drive not reading any discs.Recently, i am having this new problem. The drive name is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NS95 ATA.In reply to: Re: DVD drive. Actually the DVD drive is new. I only write some 3 DVDs so far with this drive. Hello, Im running Windows Vista Home Edition 32 Bit on a HP laptop. My CD-ROM/DVD drive has been working perfectly up to a couple weeks ago.Just comes up with message saying please insert a disc into drive e. Your computer cannot read some or all files on CDs or DVDs that were recorded DELL.COM > Community > Support Forums > Disk Drives > Disk Drives (HDD, CD/DVD, Blu-ray) Forum > CD/DVD Drives not reading some discs.Aslo same CD/RW link, Section 15, article 1 Section 20, article 3. These will basically re-fresh your optical drive drivers. CD DVD drive not reading discs at all Solved Windows 7.DVD Drive not reading DVDs but reading CDs only Storage. Is shipping method selected during checkout. With HP s 17-x0 laptop, ll no shortage ways stay connected some shipping methods available all addresses. What happened is my CD drive in my laptop stopped reading burned discs. Its an older one that was designed to and is running Windows XP Home. The drive wont read burned discs in windows or boot up from burned discs. For some reason my cd-rom isnt showing up on my omputer as being installed. the drive sometimes worked but now just doesnt exsist on the laptop. is there a way to reinstall the drive as i doIf you are using a CD-RW disc verify the drive is a CD-ROM or CD-R drive is capable of reading the disc. Yesterday my CD drive was working fine, I was able to play oblivion and read CDs/DVDs.Is it a module, does it slide out of the laptop? If so, try taking it out and re-inserting it, then rebooting.Does it spin the disk at all? It doesnt spin it, it makes some noise, but the disc never spins up.

problems reading laptop after virus attack,recycle bin clear,disk cleanup,press shift del by mistake,permanently empty recycle bin,shift delete ,accidentally deleted by a mistake.use undelete to recover deleted files from toshiba 500gb canvio connect portable hard drive not reading in my mac Many people have complained of their Windows 10 computers not being able to successfully read CDs and DVDs that have data on them and either stating that the discs are blank or notIn some cases, users affected by this issue have been able to get rid of it by rolling back their CD/DVD drives drivers. Its no more dream to fix laptop cd drive not reading disc. House windows Specialist can be a support in operating systems from Windows XP and later. It really is found in both software program installs and uninstalls, as well as software servicing. All Topics Topic Computers Technology Hardware CD DVD Drives » Cd drive not reading any discs.I dont know how to solve the problem Pls help Mine is Dell-laptop with Sony dvdRW, and cd/dvd drive not writing dvd discs in windows 7 for hp laptop g6 1117tx but reading cd/dvd and also writing cd discs only.please give solution.DB:3.51:G70 460us Dvd/Cd Drive Will Not Read/Write Some Discs z8.



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